The Future
on what we
do Today.

At Ampere Life we believe that our actions have an impact if we join forces. The Earth is severely damaged, and if we are going to inhabit this planet for centuries to come, it is now time to take action.

Ampere Life aims at making this dream a reality. 

We are not afraid of committing, we will rise to the challenge.

Ampere Life Vision

Centralize your relation with your EV in one app.
Charging Station
For yourself and others, make the difference
A radical idea: a zero-emissions car that refuels in 3 mins.
Transport vehicles
Scale up the size, cut down the pollution.
Clean Energy
Cutting down on CO2 emissions requires an all-around approach.
Ultimate harmony: zero impact living facilities.

Simplify your life

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is today the right choice.

But the advantages come at a practical cost: recharging your batteries.

Our App has been designed with EV owners in mind. We think that driving or riding an EV shouldn’t be a nuisance greater than driving a gasoline vehicle.

Charge, and let others charge

We want to facilitate the multiplication of the charging points available by empowering people and businesses to monetize their investments.

Got a charging station? Earn money by letting other users access it.

Future Projects

Fuel cell-powered car
We believe that the world needs the car of the future. It is not viable replacing every single internal combustion vehicle with batteries. 
We want to make that car.
Sustainable energy
Clean energy is in our DNA and we have ambitious plans to revolutionize the storage and consumption of energy from renewable sources.
Living solutions
Our ultimate vision is a zero-emissions and carbon-neutral world. But it cannot exist without sustainable living infrastructure. We want to make that happen.