Before we occupy Mars, let’s first save the Earth
Our Motto
The reason for the existence of Ampere Life
and the essence at the core of every action that we undertake.
Technology is an enabler to perform meaningful actions to best serve our customers and help the environment. We believe in the ethical use of technology.
We go above and beyond for our customers, but what makes us unique is that we approach each customer as a person. Customer centricity is a core value at Ampere Life.
We want our brand to be a synonym of environmental awareness and protection. Our actions are guided by a genuine concern about climate change and a strong will to address it.

Where Ampere Life Comes From

What started as a project to build an electric car, turned into an obsessed search for effective entrepreneurial projects with an environmental bottomline.

We are a company, but all our actions and projects stem from a genuine and desperate desire to tackle the environmental issues that are damaging our planet Earth.

Where Ampere Life Is Going

We want to become specialists in energy and the environment. As such our business interests will be aligned with the different areas where we can make an impact.

Among others, electricity generation and transformation, home and scale heating systems, carbon-neutral communities, environment recovery and minimization of human impact.