A new dimension of motorization

Our mission is to create a new dimension of motorization to meet the current trends and introduce unique technical solutions. By creating our vehicle, we join the latest stage of the automotive engineering revolution.

EV platform

Hydrogen platform

Electric vehicles are nothing new on the market. They become more and more popular. However, charging them – in terms of available charging points and time required – is still too often a challenge for their owners. This is something many consumers consider still to be a problem and choose the outdated and polluting gas or diesel-powered cars.

We are well aware of that and that is why Ampere Life is not only a car of the future, but it is also the whole infrastructure of charging electric vehicles.

Currently, we have two sources of supplying power to electric engines – batteries or hydrogen cells. Thus, we have begun by asking ourselves several questions. What is the most effective way of supplying electric power to the engine? Are there any other innovative environment, climate and consumer-friendly solutions that we could think of, and introduce them to give a new impulse and momentum to the market of electromobility? Can we achieve all our goals – zero GHG emissions, lower costs, fast refueling quiet operation and comfort of driving?

The answer was – yes we can!

Our R&D team began developing a new, unique way of supplying power to the engine – using hydrogen as the fuel for our first vehicle – the Ampere Life Mark I.

Ampere Life aims to build a vehicle that will be not only environmentally but also consumer-friendly. It is important for us that the process of refueling is as effective and fast as possible. That is why we are working on developing an innovative system of automatic refueling. To refuel and pay one will not have to leave one’s car, and the process itself will not be longer than at a regular gas station.

3d car model – Ampere Life Mark I
Team – sprint review meeting

Ampere Life’s automated refueling station

We want to build a vehicle which shall not only be environmentally friendly but can also be used as a small power plant on wheels. Because we believe that the future lies in distributed energy generation. If we are to save our planet, the world must reach net-zero emissions and become climate neutral by mid-century at the latest. This means that we must not only phase out fossil fuels from energy production and base it on renewable sources but we must change the whole philosophy of energy generation and supply. Instead of the traditional large-scale power generation and grid, we need a decentralized, distributed energy generation. In other words, the future lies in generating electricity at or near where it will be used that will serve a single structure – a home or a business, or it may be part of a local microgrid. With the rapid development of RES and decreasing prices of solar panels and other green technologies, the number of citizens, clusters, or cooperatives generating power and heat increases almost in geometric progress. That means that distributed generation is the answer to a clean, reliable power with no carbon emissions and other pollutants, and reduced electricity losses along transmissions and distribution lines.

Hydrogen fuel system