Meet our Team

What can you say about Ampere Life team?

“The project is built by people who are passionate about new technologies and want to have a real impact on climate protection.
Ampere Life’s team is like an open-source code. We are always open to new people who will change the let’s call it functionality of our project. In Ampere life, we are interested in people who are not executors but innovators. Each person is the co-creator of the project. That means that it doesn’t matter what is your position in the project. If you believe in our mission the doors are open for you.”
Project Leader

The team

<strong>Michał Jędrzejewski</strong>
Michał Jędrzejewski
CEO & Product Owner
Michael is the creator of the vision Ampere Life project. He has one goal – move away from fossil fuels, by creating and popularizing new solutions in relation to climate change and renewable energies.

He says about himself that he is a modest person and prefers to be on the sideline, but we know him as an entrepreneur with a very rich experience in creating new projects. Visionary and passionate about new technologies.

Michael is determined and always focused on achieving the planned goal, while maintaining his outstanding individualism.
Privately, a fan of aviation and astronautics.
<strong>Artur Gaca</strong>
Artur Gaca
Lead Desginer
Artur is a specialist in the field of industrial design and the founder of Gaca Design studio.

His firm holds a strong focus on new technologies and has clients from industries as diverse as: designing transport means, communication, elements of equipment, interior design and others.

His experience in working with clients and acquired skills have taught him that nothing is impossible. He is versatile and open to new experiences.
<strong>Alexander Martinchik</strong>
Alexander Martinchik
Lead Technologist
Alexander is a specialist in new product development for the power sector focusing on renewable energy and hydrogen technologies. He has deep scientific background and creativity in the working approach. Alexander is sure that there are no unsolvable problems, only temporary issues. 

He has experience in moving the products from R&D to commercial scale in granted and commercial projects related to the development of fuel cell and electrolysis technologies, carbon capture and utilization systems, renewable energy production and storage, AI implementation into engineering optimization and industrial processes. 

Alexander is an ongoing Ph.D. researcher at Warsaw University of Technology in branches of hydrogen technologies, clean energy solutions, elimination of CO2 emissions. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Power Engineering.
<strong> Damian Peszko </strong>
Damian Peszko
Lead Software Developer
Python developer with commercial IT experience, gained in dynamic start-up environments, including a non-profit research and a development organization.

His recent projects involved developing a transparent cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform as well developing solutions for a large-scale corporate system.
<strong> Adam Graszk </strong>
Adam Graszk
Designer/3D Modeler
Adam has 15 years of experience in 3D modeling and creating surfaces of the car body on class A level. He had successfully co-developed few vehicles on which he gained valuable knowledge now put to use in Ampere Life.

His passion is connected with the automotive industry as well as its connection with new technologies like Virtual Reality. Adam always takes part in our 3D projects because of his vast experience and incredible insight into the appliance of new technologies.
<strong>Oskar Kawulok</strong>
Oskar Kawulok
Project Assistant
Oskar is in the interim program who complements our competencies with the perspective of younger generations. Proactive, open to new challenges. Oskar doesn’t have yet a specialization but he supports us and at the same time gains valuable experience which will allow him to spread his wings in the future.

Batman would have a hard time without Robin, and so would we without Oscar – over time, we are sure, he will be one of the champions of our organization.
<strong>Adam Gaca </strong>
Adam Gaca
Information Security Lead
Adam is an expert of IT management with over 12 years of professional experience and thriving passion since beeing a small child submerged in computer’s screens. He is certified ITIL Expert, ISO 27001 auditor and have vast knowledge on technologies which he uses in conjunction with security aspect.

He strongly believe in organizational culture which cultivates collaboration and continuous improvement by empowering individuals, in his opinion these features are essential for teams to face any challenges.
<strong>Jagoda Szymańska</strong>
Jagoda Szymańska
UX/ Graphic Designer
About Jagoda we can say one thing. She is a designer from flesh and blood. She knew from the beginning that her life would be related to design. Before Jagoda started studying in Poland she lived in Australia where she passed exams writing about Design & Technology.

At Ampere Life Jagoda is responsible for creating design concepts and 2D graphics. Apart from graphic design, she is passionate about photography and creating analog illustrations.
<strong>Justyna Żak</strong>
Justyna Żak
Designer/Graphic Artist
Justyna is the winner of several national and international competitions and holds a scholarship.

She is a specialist in glass, designing proprietary utility glass and implementing unique projects for home & public spaces with an experimental approach.

Her professional experience is related to cooperation in the implementation of industrial designs.

In her works, she is inspired mainly by motifs drawn from the traditions of craftsmanship and the surrounding nature.

What you can find in our team members

We treat people as people. The members of Ampere Life are the ones who make everything work, and thus are the most important part of the project.
Ampere Life is an ambitious project that only goes forward thanks to the effort of the team to make the vision become a reality.
Tech is the means to an end. Our vision is what matters most to us, but without technology it would not be possible to realize it –and we love it!
Strong commitment and dedication are essential to achieve our goals, that’s why we ask for them to our team members.