Imagine azero emissioncar.

We are developing the technology to bring you a another species, a completely different animal. 

Our Car is a match between all  the tradition in the automotive industry and the technology from the future. It breathes engineering but it feels human. 

And it’s coming.

Transport vehicles

Transport counts among the most polluting sectors. We want to revolutionize the industry towards zero emissions without batteries. 

We envision entire fleets of trucks serving customers all around the world in a cheaply and cleanly. This is no dream or utopia; it must occur in the fight against the climate change. 
At Ampere Life we are very aware that a truck is a professional vehicle that must be reliable, comfortable and up for the task at hand. We aim at serving transport companies and individuals.

Clean Energy

An important part of the Ampere Life vision is the expansion in production capabilities of renewable energies.

The pollution from the generation of electricity amounts to 30% of the total emissions into the atmosphere, and we want to join the efforts to drastically cut them down.

Building and helping build businesses and infrastructure around clean energy is an area at the core of the Ampere Life project.


Much of the pollution (atmospheric and non-atmospheric) stems from household activities which, along with the fact that sustainable living is currently not affordable or viable for most people, makes for a concerning situation worldwide.

Ultimately, at Ampere Life we want to tackle the environmental problems from different angles to help fight climate change. Building and promoting sustainable housing is one of those angles.